Your song(s) will be mastered to be competitive within the same genre. If you have any particular requests, suggestions like you want your track to sound like a band which you like, please share that with me! Let me know what songs you like to listen, what inspires you and if there was any special song you liked to listen during your song production. All that information can help me get your song(s) to sound like you want it to. But don't worry, if you don't have any special requirements or don't have any bands you particularly like or want to sound like, I will take your song to the next level and make the most of it to sound awesome on any system it'll be played on.

Quick overview of the process

  1. When I receive your files, I will check them out and feedback to you if there are any concerns.

  2. I start to work on your project.

  3. (If selected) As soon as I get to the fundamental good sound, I will send you a sample. This will not be a finished master, it will be a 30sec-1min sample done in approximately 80% showing which direction the song is going to. From this point we can shape the sound together, you can just leave it down to me and my magic or if you are totally not satisfied, you can ask for a full refund. After your approval of the first sample there will be no refund possible.

  4. You can ask for a review up to 30 days after the delivery (5 free reviews are included).

Please make sure that you enter the correct MAIN DELIVERY format, for mastering, in the form. If this field is left empty, I will master your track to DEFAULT format. You can choose from Default, Digital/Streaming, CD release and Vinyl formats.

In case you want to release your music, for example, on streamings and also in physical form of CD or Vinyl, then you can choose to have additional master(s) done. Please specify your additional master delivery format in the upload form on UPLOAD tab.

All prices are VAT inclusive. Non-UK based businesses may make a purchase with no VAT charged. To be able to do so, you are required to provide your business/company VAT number or other evidence that you are a business customer and use the relevant discount code at the checkout to remove VAT of your final price. All discount codes are provided in service description and here.